• Frank Eliassen
  • Gabriel Hermosillo
  • Frédéric Loiret
  • Russel Nzekwa
  • Lucas Provensi
  • Daniel Romero
  • Romain Rouvoy
  • Lionel Seinturier
  • Amirhosein Taherkordi
  • Roman Vitenberg


INRIA Lille – Nord Europe


Wednesday 10. March 2010
09h00-9h30: Welcome & coffee

Morning session: Results from Aurora
09h30-10h15: The Remora Component Model (Amir)
10h15-11h00: Building Ubiquitous Feedback Control Loops (Daniel)
11h00-11h45: Modelling Feedback Control Loops for Very-Large-Scale Self-Adaptive Applications (Russel)
11h15-12h30: The DigiHome Platform: Results from Aurora (Gabriel)

12h30-14h00: Lunch

Afternoon session: Opportunities and synergies
14h00-14h30: The SensLab Platform (Romain)
14h30-15h00: Synergies between World Opera and Internet of Things (Lucas)
15h00-17h00: Synergies and open directions (All)

Thursday 11. March 2010
Morning session: Meta-research
09h00-09h15: Status of French-side proposal(s) submitted
09h15-09h30: Status of Norwegian-side proposal(s) submitted
09h30-12h30: (Re)submission opportunities for OCTOPUSES
Morning session: Real research
09h30-11h00: Remora practice session
11h00-12h30: Activity bootstrap

12h30-14h00: Lunch

14h00-15h00: Activity bootstrap