«Supporting Dynamic Evolution of Hybrid Sensor Services»

This page reports on the activities that have been initiated during the second year of the associated team and the results we obtained in this context.


The objectives to be addressed during the first year as been defined in the associated team proposal as:

«Applying Feedback Control Loops in Wireless Sensor Networks» will address the challenge of developing self-adaptive WSN infrastructures for supporting the dynamic adaptation of sensors. This objectives therefore requires the definition of deployment and reconfiguration services at the sensor level, while the network level will have to be extended with further services dealing with the adaptation strategies to apply according to the evolutions observed in the physical and virtual environments. At this stage of the project, the DIGIHOME demonstrators will validate the capability of the REMORA components to evolve over time by discovering sensors and reconfiguring the associated sensor services.

«Combining Feedback Control Loops in Multi-scale Environments» will extend the above challenge with the support of hybrid adaptation policies impacting not only traditional service-oriented architectures, but also WSN. This includes the definition of a versatile adaptation model for applying distributed adaptations at various scales of the systems, from application servers down to sensor devices. This objective aims at adapting the behavior of sensor devices and networks according to the application's objectives, while respecting sensors' objectives. At this stage of the project, the DIGIHOME platform will implement and demonstrate the benefits of multi-scale adaptations.

Meetings & Visits

During the second year, the following meetings and visits have been organized:
  • June 09, 2011: SeaS technical meeting in Reykjavik,
  • July 14–15, 2011: SeaS scientific visit in Oslo,
  • December 12–16, 2011: SeaS technical meeting in Lisbon.

The 4th edition of CAMPUS workshop has been jointly organized by the associated team partners and a special theme on «sensor as a service» was emphasized as part of this event.

Perspectives. We plan to organize longer visits and exchanges during the third year of the project.

PhD Defenses

The following PhD thesis have been defended in 2011:
  • Daniel Romero on «Context as a Resource: A Service-Oriented Approach for Context-Awareness» (July 2011).
  • Amirhosein Taherkordi on «Programming Wireless Sensor Networks: From Static to Adaptive Models» (September 2011).

Publications & Submissions


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[W2] Using Feedback Control Loop Models at Runtime for Managing Self-Adaptive Systems. Lucas Provensi, Russel Nzekwa, Frank Eliassen and Romain Rouvoy. To be submitted.