Associated Team Objectives

Along the three years of activity, the SeaS collaboration will target to incrementally achieve the following objectives:

  • TASK 1 on Integration: Enabling Hybrid Service-Oriented Architectures
  • TASK 2 on Adaptation: Supporting Dynamic Evolution of Hybrid Sensor Services
  • TASK 3 on Scalability: Building a Scalable Data Dissemination Infrastructure
These three objectives will be incrementally developed according to the following work plan:

TASK 1 will be addressed during the first year of the collaboration and refers to the capability of composing hybrid sensors within a homogeneous service-oriented architecture. This objective therefore requires the integration of standard service descriptions and communication protocols at the sensor level and the definition of standard data collection and processing services at the network level. These services will be packaged as software components that could be reused across a large set of sensors. Both of these levels will involve models that will be exploited by the modelling studio for describing and implementing a WSN application. The first version of the SeaS demonstrators will therefore assess the feasibility of reifying sensors as hybrid services which is the first expected result of SeaS.

TASK 2 will be addressed during the second year of the collaboration and will aim at introducing more flexibility in the SeaS platform by covering issues related to the support of dynamic adaptation of the sensor and network services over time and depending on the application requirements. This objectives therefore requires the definition of deployment and reconfiguration services at the sensor level, while the network level will have to be extended with further services dealing with the adaptation strategies to apply according to the evolutions observed in the physical and virtual environments. At this stage of the project, the SeaS demonstrators will validate the capability of the SeaS platform to evolve over time by discovering sensors and reconfiguring the sensor services.

TASK 3 will be addressed during the third year of the collaboration and will focus on the development of a scalable data dissemination infrastructure for novel WSN Internet-based applications. This objective will therefore build on the two former objectives to provide reusable services dedicated to the dissemination and processing of collected data. This includes the support for distributed data storage and query services. This objective will also consider issues related to data security and privacy in order to ensure the applicability of cross-domain sharing of hybrid sensors. The sensor level will therefore integrate security and privacy services, while the network level will cover the robustness and dependability concerns of the data dissemination. The SeaS demonstrators will integrate these services to assess the scalability of the platform and its potential industrial exploitation.

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