This associate team has been initiated to pursue a collaboration initiated during the research stay of Romain Rouvoy. Romain Rouvoy joined the University of Oslo from January 2007 to August 2008 as a post-doctoral researcher, and he has recently been recruited as an associate professor at the University of Lille 1. The research group he is now involved (ADAM) is associated to the INRIA French research institute, which has never been collaborating with the University of Oslo in the past (in terms of institutional collaborations). As Romain Rouvoy has been recruited as an associate professor to work on the capabilities he developed during his research experience at the University of Oslo, we kept working together for developing a sustainable collaboration between the University of Oslo and the INRIA Lille – Nord Europe research center.

This collaboration received the financial support of the EGIDE PHC Aurora programme in 2009 in order to facilitate scientific visits and workshops of the partners (2 research workshops have been organized in 2009). Furthermore, from March to May 2009, the ADAM project-team has hosted a PhD student from the University of Oslo as part of the INRIA Internship programme. During August 2009, 3 PhD students from the ADAM project-team have participated to the summer school on Distributed Systems organized by the University of Oslo. In September 2009, an expert engineer from the ADAM project-team joined the NDS research group for 3 months.